Services In Detail
Websites Web Sites A complete web site solution including design, content creation, SEO and analytics

Email Marketing Email Marketing Content creation, design, dispatch and report - we make it happen, you reap the benefits

Online Advertising Online AdvertisingA highly measurable activity, we research media, book space, produce ads and report on hits

Online Advertising...
For the majority of business-to-business SMEs advertising traditionally equates to buying space in trade magazines. But what about advertising on other organisation’s web sites with banner and tower ads or maybe page folds? How about sponsoring or advertising in a third party electronic newsletter? And then there’s LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook advertising, and more besides.

Publicity Overload will guide you through the options to see what is right for your campaign. We’ll prepare a schedule, create a concept for the ads and turn it into creative content and design, and then manage the entire thing for you. We report back on the campaign to indicate which aspects worked the best and create a strategy for moving forward.